Marcus Björk


M.Sc. in Asian Studies

As president, I have an overall responsibility for the operations of the association. I work closely with the other members of the board in a coordinating capacity. My big challenge for this year is to restore EASA to a pre-pandemic mode of operations. When not working for EASA, I am doing a MSc in Asian Studies.

David Olof Aman Alexanderson.jpg

David Olof Aman Alexanderson


B.Sc. in Political Science

As the vice president, I assist our President and take on their duties in the case of their absence. I look forward to using my time to improve the structure of this association for our current and future members!


Karolina Boyoli


M.Sc. in Strategic Communication

As the secretary, I am responsible for maintaining documentations and other administrative work of the board. The secretary works strategically with the Association and works with organizational development through writing amending or writing new regulatory documents or supporting EASA in developing further in different ways. 


Lara A. Franken

Chief Editor of the Lunar Times

M.Sc. in Asian Studies

As the Chief Editor of The Lunar Times, I am in charge of the strategic and organisational work of EASA magazine. Hereby, my task is to offer guidance to editors and contributors. My goal for the magazine is to expand the scope of articles and material published by The Lunar Times which reflect the interests and experiences of our readers.


Olivia Culot

Head of Events

M.Sc. in Asian Studies

Events are very important for an association as it is what regular members will expect the most and what we all get excited about. As the head of events, I am hoping to organise many diverse activities to gather people around their common interest in Asia, to give opportunities for people to make friends and discover new cultures.  I have been passionate about Asia for a very long time.



Head of Events

M.Sc. in Asian Studies

I work closely with Olivia as the head of events and our main focus is on hosting diverse events related to Asian culture and providing a platform for people with an interest in Asia to interact.

Mimmi Shen.JPG

Mimmi Shen

Head of External Relations

B.Sc. in Political Science

As the head of external relations, I manage different professional contacts both in Sweden and in Asia. With my given role, I wish to increase awareness of the organization and benefit members of EASA, by creating more diverse partners. I am currently a third-year bachelor’s student majoring in Political Science. 


Julia Olsson

Head of Grants

M.Sc. in Asian Studies

As the head of grants, my main job is to make sure that EASA has the means to finance any events or lectures that we plan as well as making sure we are able to finance any administrative costs, such as marketing costs, or general organizational costs. I will also take part in executing any travel activities with travel coordinators and our head of external relations.



Head of Lectures

M.Sc. in Asian Studies

As head of lecture, my main objective is to bring people together to discuss subjects that we don’t usually talk about in classes. For example, what are the current researches on Asia at Lund University? What are the teachers’ opinions on various current events in different Asian countries? Since I come from a sociology and political science background, you can expect to see those disciplines come from time to time in the lectures I will organize as well.

Weiting(Casey) Zhang.jpeg

Weiting Casey Zhang

Head of Lectures

M.Sc. in Applied Cultural Analyses

As the head of lecture, my main goal this year is to take members beyond the academic world and into the real life of people in Asian countries. I will be focusing on organizing lectures about the job markets in Asian countries, for example, inviting my connections who are working in different industries in China to provide insights about the working life in China. I will also organize lectures that involve current events and hot news in the Asian societies as well as political affairs and economic growth. 


Maneechaya Sarasuk

Head of Strategic Communication

M.Sc. in Strategic Communication

My main goal is to build a sustainable growth and create awareness of the organization and its activities among Lund University students and alumni. To achieve the goal, I will work closely with other branches of the organization to develop content and creative execution to provide exciting and impactful messages. I will manage EASA profiles across all social media platforms and make sure that we have effective communication strategies to engage with EASA’s target audience in a meaningful way.


Patrik Tao

Head of Information Technology

M.Sc.Eng. in Computer Science and Engineering

My main goal as the Head of IT for the upcoming year is to identify and implement IT solutions to improve and streamline communication and operations internally. I develop and manage the website, consult the team in IT, and identify solutions to support and improve the association. I am also responsible for the technical side of organizing events and work closely with the Head of Strategic Communication.