The executive board of 2020/2021


Natassjha Antunes Wenhammer


Hi, I am Natassjha and I am responsible for the strateigic work of the association. The president plans and holds board meetings and assists the board by delegating tasks to make sure that the Association is moving forward. Being president means being the leader of the association as well as representing the association, signing contracts and being the financial signatory.


Lipikar Narayaem Lindman


Hi, my name is Lipikar and I am responsible for maintaining documentation (e.g., meeting agendas and protocols) and other administrative work of the board. Some additional tasks include sending out periodic newsletters about EASA's updates and events. The Secretary also works strategically with the Association and can take on additional responsibilities and projects as they wish.


Shannon Li O' Sullivan

Head of Social Events

Hi, I am Shannon and I handle the social activities of EASA, organizing smaller mingles and hangouts to sittnings. I make sure that the members are having fun while learning!

Soroor Mansouryar

Head of Lectures

Hi, my name is Soroor and I organize lectures, invites speakers and works with ensuring that EASA covers as many geographical/topcial areas as possible in our lectures. The Head of Lecture canvases the active members for lecture suggestions as well as providing their own, and goes out and fills the calender!


Josefine Kettner

Head of Cultural Events

Hi, I am Josefine and I handle the cultural activities of EASA, organizing events that promote cultural awareness and understandings of East Asia. I make sure that the members are having fun while learning!

David Zhou


Hi, I am David and I am, together with the President and Vice President, in charge of the budget of the association, handling receipts and other financial work. I am also the financial signatory.  


Thanh Nga Nguyen

Head of Strategic Communications

Hi, I am Nga and I manage EASA's social media profile, marketing strategies, and graphic design. I advise the board on optics and audience for EASA events. I also work with the communications strategy and graphical profile and make sure events have a photographer.

Valeria Raimondo

Chief Editor of The Lunar Times

Hi, my name is Valeria and I am the person in charge of all the strategic and organizational work behind the magazine. Other then guiding the editorial staff, planning internal board meetings and soleciting new content, I also enjoy the most fun parts of the magazine, such as offering guidance to the authors throughout the writing process as well as publishing the articles on the website... Including his/her own!