Being a member of EASA

Welcome to EASA! As a member of EASA, you are eligible to participate in some of our activities for free. This includes all interesting East Asia inspired events from lectures and language exchange, to social hangouts, movie nights, trips and sittnings. EASA activites are for everyone and for the purpose of bringing and connecting students with similiar interests together.



Social and Cultural Events 🤩

Take part in our Asia-inspired events, such as our Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn and Sittning events . Connect with other students, take part in fun challenges and games, and experience Asian food and culture. 


Lectures 🥰

Take part in our lectures where we regularly invite interesting guests to hold exciting and valuable presentations about topics related to Asia. From politics, economics to history, society, technology and more.



Trips 😎

Join our trips to many different places across the world. We travelled to Japan in 2019, attended Global Youth Trends Forum in Taiwan in 2019, visited the Chinese and the South Korean embassy in Stockholm in 2018. We plan trips regularly!


Movie Nights 😍 

Join our movie nights and watch an Asian movie together with other students! Sit back, relax and have a great time.